Mason City Limits Comedy Club
Comedian Eric Hunter

Eric Hunter

March 2 - 3

ERIC HUNTER has been performing comedy since the age of 6, when he got his very first laugh at a family picnic. His grandmother scolded him for not eating all of his dinner. "You know there are starving children in third world countries who would love to eat that," she said. "Well, here, send it to them," was his reply and upon hearing his cousins' laughter, he knew comedy was the life for him! Performing non-stop around the country, Eric is leaving his mark as a clean, funny, bright, friendly and original performer. He jokes about friends and family, education, sports and relationships. He's best known for his hilarious, deadpan attempt to impress the women in the audience. In cities like New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Prestonburg, KY (and everywhere in between), Eric has performed with a wide range of comedians, including Louie Anderson at the Comedy Store in L.A., Brian Regan and Ray Romano. In October, 2006, LA Weekly listed Eric in its "Some of The Funniest Comedians In America" section. He has made numerous appearances on the nationally syndicated "Bob and Tom" radio show. He made his TV acting debut on Aug. 2, 2010 on the series "William Shatner's Aftermath" on the BIO Channel and returns for a 2nd season this summer. You can also hear him on internet radio station and on SiriusXM satellite radio.


Show Times

March 2 (Fri)08:00 pmVIP Seating16.00
March 2 (Fri)08:00 pmGeneral Admission13.50
March 3 (Sat)08:00 pmVIP Seating16.00
March 3 (Sat)08:00 pmGeneral Admission13.50
Comedian Tim Cavanagh

Tim Cavanagh

March 8 - 9

So, did you hear the one about the high school teacher who walked into a comedy club--and they hired him? That's where the Tim Cavanagh comedy story begins. For a full year, Tim taught teenagers by day. By night, he sang his funny songs in Chicago comedy clubs. "Not surprisingly, I found the biggest difference between the classroom and the nightclub was the drunks--which I generally let the principal handle," Tim says. Since leaving the classroom, Tim Cavanagh has brought his comedic songs and inventive stand-up to concert halls, corporations, college campuses and nightclubs across America. In 1997, Tim released his first CD, Sounds Like Fun! By then he had become a regular guest on The Bob & Tom Show, a nationally syndicated radio show now heard in 150 markets. For two years, Tim did a weekly segment on the show called "The One Minute Song," which spawned two more CDs released on Tim's own label, Hits & Giggles Records. As for television, Tim has not only appeared on Comedy Central, he was chosen by the network to do several live performances for their clients and customers. His national appearances on ABC-TV, Showtime, WGN, and Comcast have helped Tim deal with his biggest TV disappointment--calling QVC seconds too late to get a great deal on a colander set.


Show Times

March 8 (Thu)08:00 pmVIP Seating18.50
March 8 (Thu)08:00 pmGeneral Admission16.00
March 9 (Fri)08:00 pmVIP Seating18.50
March 9 (Fri)08:00 pmGeneral Admission16.00
Comedian David James Spaliaras

David James Spaliaras

March 16 - 17

Making his Mason City Limits debut, David James Spaliaras is an incredibly quick witted half greek long-haired goofball from Northwest Indiana. He performs at Comedy Clubs and Venues across the country and internationally. David has a degree in Theater from Indiana University and is graduate of the conservatory program from the legendary The Second City in Chicago. He's mixes his singing ability, goofy voices, dialects, impressions, and his comical view on everyday ordinary things to consistently keep audiences laughing and on their toes! David James Spaliaras is a must see comic and a soon to be a house hold name!


Show Times

March 16 (Fri)08:00 pmVIP Seating16.00
March 16 (Fri)08:00 pmGeneral Admission13.50
March 17 (Sat)08:00 pmVIP Seating13.50
March 17 (Sat)08:00 pmGeneral Admission16.00
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